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Charity Cycling Team Gets Their Christmas Presents Early This Year

The Team Rynkeby charity bike riders will get every opportunity to put good mileage in their legs before the upcoming summer’s cycling trip to Paris. The first yellow bikes are being delivered to the bike riders just now.

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New collaboration with Barnhjärnfonden will support research about the child brain

During the years that Team Rynkeby – God Morgon has been operating in Sweden, the charity bike team has collected a total of SEK 157 million for Barncancerfonden. From the year 2020, yet another organization will be able to benefit from the funds collected, which come from the annual School Run. In future project years, the money will go to Barnhjärnfonden for its vital research on children’s brains.

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Team Rynkeby is partnering with organisations to ensure continued growth

From the coming season, the organisations for which Team Rynkeby raises money will cover part of the financing of the Team Rynkeby project. This is done to ensure the future growth of the project.

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The cycling trip to Paris resulted in EUR 10.6 million for children with critical illnesses

The charity cycling team Team Rynkeby has raised a total of EUR 10.6 million for children with critical illness over the past year. This is an increase of 12.6% compared to the previous year.

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Snapshots from Tour de Paris 2019

Snapshots from Team Rynkeby's trip to Paris 2019 - new snapshots every day.

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