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Team Rynkeby - hohes C Zürich

Lokal kontaktperson 

​​Göran Håkansson
Country Manager 
Telefon: +41 79 451 22 20

Nora Rümbeli
Team Manager
Telefon: +41 79 617 99 91

Neuigkeiten zum Team Rynkeby – hohes C Zürich


The deadline for applications is approaching if you want to go to Paris with Team Rynkeby next year

If you want to go to Paris with Team Rynkeby next year, you’ll need to submit your application soon. The application deadline for next year’s team is

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How to write a good application for Team Rynkeby

If you’re dreaming of joining Team Rynkeby this coming season, there are three things you should focus on in your application.

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I made 100 new friends – in the yellow jersey, we’re all the same

It doesn’t matter if you are a 25-year-old warehouse worker or a 77-year-old company manager. When you pull on the yellow jersey, we’re all the same.

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What it costs to participate on Team Rynkeby in 2020

Der er en mindre justering af prisen for at deltage på Team Rynkeby i 2020. Se her, hvad det koster at deltage for ryttere og servicepersoner.

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Snapshots from Tour de Paris 2019

Snapshots from Team Rynkeby's trip to Paris 2019 - new snapshots every day.

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Schwerkranke Kinder

In Deutschland unterstützt Team Rynkeby – hohes C die Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung.

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