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Team Rynkeby - hohes C Zürich

Lokal kontaktperson 

​​Göran Håkansson
Country Manager 
Telefon: +41 79 451 22 20

Nora Rümbeli
Team Manager
Telefon: +41 79 617 99 91

Neuigkeiten zum Team Rynkeby – hohes C Zürich


Follow the trip to Paris minute by minute

You can follow Team Rynkeby’s trip to Paris minute by minute. With the help of the Swedish GPS company, Axtech AB, we’re live tracking Team Rynkeby fo

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Team Rynkeby is getting ready for a big blowout in Paris – see the time and place

Thousands of people are expected to head to Paris to welcome Team Rynkeby when the charity cycling team arrives in the French capital on 6 July 2019.

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A quarter of a million children will participate in the Team Rynkeby School Run

Nearly a quarter of a million schoolchildren will take part when Team Rynkeby Foundation holds the annual “Team Rynkeby School Run” for the benefit of

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Team Rynkeby gets a record number of sponsors on the cycling wear

This year, 1,342 companies are getting their logo on Team Rynkeby’s cycling wear. It is the highest number of clothing sponsors ever.

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Snapshots from Tour de Paris 2019

Snapshots from Team Rynkeby's trip to Paris 2019 - new snapshots every day.

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Schwerkranke Kinder

In Deutschland unterstützt Team Rynkeby – hohes C die Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung.

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