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The past week has shown that Team Rynkeby has come through corona strengthened

The Rynkeby Foundation's soon-to-be retiring CEO, Carl Erik Dalbøge, is taking stock of a trip and a season that turned out to be somewhat different than expected.

On Friday afternoon, the Team Rynkeby Foundation's long-standing CEO, Carl Erik Dalbøge, finished with the rest of Team Rynkeby Copenhagen, when the charity cycling team ended its 20-year anniversary trip in Copenhagen.

Actually, the trip should have gone to Paris, as it usually does, but due to the corona pandemic, the Team Rynkeby organization re-saddled and has instead run local tours in the eight countries where the Team Rynkeby project is represented.

The historic trip was also Carl Erik Dalbøge's last in the yellow jersey. After 12 years at the front of Europe's largest charity cycling team, the director resigns at the end of August and passes on the baton.

The end of this year's trip was more moving for Carl Erik Dalbøge than he had expected.

- I must admit that it got a little moist behind the cycling glasses when I saw the goal portal, and we rolled the last 300 meters to the finish. It was touching. It has been a huge privilege to help shape the development of this fantastic project, and I will always look back on my years in Team Rynkeby with great joy and satisfaction over what we have created. I have met so many fantastic people who have made a huge impression on me, and I am deeply grateful for that, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

From Plan B to Plan A
Despite the challenges that the corona pandemic has given Team Rynkeby, Carl Erik Dalbøge is satisfied with the way the season has been.

- It has of course been a very different season than usual. But I actually think that as a project we have come through the corona pandemic strengthened. We entered the season with an awareness that the shadow that hung over us could mean we had to re-saddle and wind down a different type of experience for our participants. So we were ready for that when it turned out to be necessary, says Carl Erik Dalbøge and continues:

- The decision to cancel the trip to Paris was of course met with disappointment, but at the same time with very great understanding. And it is my experience from everything I have heard from our teams from all over Europe that it has been a very, very great experience to ride around in your own country and experience places you have not seen before. The national tours were a Plan B, but it has felt like a Plan A all week, he says.

Progress in the collection
At the same time, the Team Rynkeby project can be pleased that right now there is a nice improvement in the collection result compared to last year.

- Before we started the season, I told the board that I expected an improvement in this year's fundraising result, and I can currently state that it looks like it will succeed. The result is obviously created in a situation where we, as compensation to the sponsors for the lack of trip to Paris, promised them that they could get their logo on the clothes free of charge. Yet so many sponsors choose to back up. It testifies to the credibility of the project, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Serious crash in Norway
However, the joy of an almost successful Team Rynkeby trip was overshadowed on Friday, when the Norwegian Team Rynkeby - Good Morning Artic was subjected to a mass crash. Eleven riders crashed and eight were taken to hospital - one of them by helicopter. The accident received a lot of coverage in the Norwegian media on Friday.

Fortunately, the message from Norway is that there are no life-threatening injuries, and everyone is fine under the circumstances.

The crash happened when the leading rider in the field hit a grate between a bridge and the mainland.

- We send our warmest thoughts to the participants and their families. They were hit by an accident that one cannot blame them. I have seen pictures of the grate that they hit and I can in no way see how an exercise cyclist could avoid an accident in such a place. I hope the best for the injured, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Requires renewal
After 12 years at the front of Team Rynkeby, Carl Erik Dalbøge can also soon take stock of the project, which he has helped to make an international charity success. And although he believes in many ways that Team Rynkeby has come through the corona strengthened, there are also areas where work must be done on the project to ensure its continued progress.

- A big part of our DNA is that we cycle to Paris. For the past two years, we have not had the opportunity to complete that particular trip, and therefore we may also be challenged on the number of new applicants. Here we have a task. And then we are also a project that in several countries has reached a maturity that calls for renewal. It is important that we stick to our core values, but we must also ensure that we keep up with the times. We should not just continue to do as last year, because it worked well enough, he says and at the same time sends a big thank you to Rynkeby Foods and Eckes-Granini.

- Rynkeby Foods and later Eckes-Granini deserve a big thank you for their faith in the project and their support and trust. I hope that in the future you can also see the importance of arm's length between the Team Rynkeby Foundation and Eckes-Granini, so that you can continue to ensure an optimal framework for the voluntary work, he says.
If you want to be part of Team Rynkeby in 2022, you must write a motivated application no later than August 29, 2021

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