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"Team Rynkeby is a uniquely outstanding project"

Alexander Eckes-Chantré is the fourth generation in the Eckes family to own Eckes-Granini. Since the company acquired Rynkeby Foods, the charity cycling team, Team Rynkeby has gained a very special place in his heart, and this year he rides with the Swiss team around the Alps.

Alexander Eckes-Chantré has many activities on his busy agenda.

The 56-year-old businessman is the fourth generation in the Eckes family to own Eckes-Granini, Europe's leading supplier of juices and fruit-based beverages. Along that he manages a career as self-employed, as well as making time be time to be with his girlfriend and the two adult children aged 20 and 17. Still, he gladly welcomes a call on the phone in his home in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. The 10-minute agreed-upon interview quickly turns into a small hour of passionate talk. And in addition, the busy work this morning is to make marks for the suitcases for the Swiss team Team Rynkeby - Hohes C Switzerland, so everything is set to go for the team's tour of Switzerland

There's a lot that just needs to fall into place here in the end," he says.

The fact that the many small things related to Team Rynkeby fill the calendar tells a story that the project has in a short time gained a special place in the heart of Alexander Eckes-Chantré.

"Team Rynkeby is a uniquely outstanding project in so many ways," he says and continues:

"I got to know the project back in 2016 in connection with the acquisition of Rynkeby Foods, and I quickly felt a kind of" connection "to Team Rynkeby. We have had cancer in our families for a long time, and as a father of two children, it is very meaningful to get involved in promoting the cure of childhood cancer. When I subsequently started looking into childhood cancer, I also became aware that there are still many areas where we need more and better research. It's a big motivating factor for me personally.

Third time is the charm
Therefore, Alexander Eckes-Chantré decided to join Team Rynkeby. In 2019, he should have been on the bike heading for Paris for the first time as the culmination of his debut, but a back surgery prevented him from participating. In 2020, he again faced injuries that prevented his participation on the bike. Instead, he then participated as a service team member on the German team, Team Rynkeby Hohes C Nieder-Olm.

But this year it is going to be. Alexander Eckes-Chantré participates in Team Rynkeby - Hohes C Switzerland and is looking forward to the eight stages that start and end in Zurich and, among other things, take the team over several difficult mountain passes and provide lots of altitude meters.

To make ends meet for the team and the other participants, Alexander Eckes-Chantré cycles half of the stages and lends a hand to the service team the other days. His girlfriend has also taken time off from work to assist on the service team. "The training has gone really well. So I cross my fingers that I will make my debut on the bike this year, after it did not go quite as planned in the years before, ”he laughs. "But I also take a turn on the service team so that everyone has a good and unforgettable experience," he says.

Hope the project grows further
Alexander Eckes-Chantré makes no secret of the fact that he hopes that the project will have even more winds in the sails in the future, with more teams and more participants as a consequence.

“The project fits in perfectly with Eckes-Granini's focus on CSR and sustainability, and I sense a great deal of support from Eckes-Granini's management in general. I am pleased because I think we still have untapped potential. More participants raise more funds to the project, and makes clear that any child with cancer is a child with cancer too much, ”says Alexander Eckes-Chantré.

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