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The lifestyle brand Rapha inspired the Board of Team Rynkeby Foundation

Team Rynkeby's 2025 strategy was one of the big themes when the Board of the Team Rynkeby Foundation met last week for the annual general meeting.

Team Rynkeby's 2021 accounts were formally approved last night, when the Board of the Team Rynkeby Foundation was gathered for its annual general meeting.

Despite the covid-19 pandemic and a canceled bike ride to Paris, the six members of the board were able to put their signature on the second-best accounts in the history of the charity cycling team. Last year, the Team Rynkeby participants made it possible for the Team Rynkeby Foundation to distribute EUR 9.7 million. across 12 countries.

- It is no less than unique, says Peter Frank Andersen, chairman of the board.

- The participants have done a formidable job under difficult conditions. They have literally managed to keep the chain tight and the wheels in motion, which means that the organizations we work with in each country can continue vital research projects and other activities that were initiated before the covid-19 pandemic, he says.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Board welcomes the fact that the Board's international growth ambitions are also developing according to plan.

- We have established a team in Brussels, and we have therefore entered 2022 with 64 teams in nine countries. In addition, we still have a team of participants from a number of European countries. Our focus towards 2025 is to continue to expand internationally, and especially in Germany we believe that we have good opportunities to create further growth, says Peter Frank Andersen.

Inspiration for 2025 strategy

And precisely the project's 2025 strategy was one of the most important themes for the board when it was gathered in connection with the general meeting. Among other things, Michael Stockfleth, General Manager of Rapha Denmark, contributed with inspiration and knowledge from his work with Rapha Cycling Club.

- We are somewhere in our development, especially in the Nordic region, where we must find the right development for the project. The covid-19 pandemic has created some years of uncertainty and declining interest in participating in sports travel. We need to change that, and we can do that by pushing the right buttons. Our 2025 strategy is well under way, and I look forward to involving the team captains and their teams in the further work, says Peter Frank Andersen, who expects a more normal year in 2022.

- We make plans as if we are going to Paris without considerable restrictions. I think everyone who has been part of Team Rynkeby in the last years is looking forward to the big, united arrival in Paris again, he says.

The Board of Team Rynkeby Foundation consists of Peter Frank Andersen (Chairman of the Board), Jens Christian Plauborg, CFO of Rynkeby Foods A / S, Magnus Berndtsson, General Manager of Eckes-Granini Sweden, Torsten Fröhlich, Director Controlling in Eckes-Granini Group GmbH, Juha Helokoski, General Manager in Eckes-Granini in Finland and Lars Simper, CEO of Mercedes-Benz CPH A/S.

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