Team Rynkeby is dropping the physical Tour de Paris – will instead focus on virtual cycling

TR Press UK - 01-04-2019

Team Rynkeby is dropping the physical Tour de Paris – will instead focus on virtual cycling

Team Rynkeby’s annual cycling trip to Paris will be virtual starting in 2021. This is in order to bring the charity cycling team to a larger and more global target group.

Next summer, Team Rynkeby’s yellow-jersey charity caravan will ride to Paris for the last time – at least in the way the cycling team has done it every summer since 2002.

In future, the annual cycling trip to Paris will take place via virtual cycling.

This was decided after Team Rynkeby Foundation’s Board of Directors adopted a new digital strategy that will transform Team Rynkeby into an international e-sports cycling team.

Team Rynkeby Foundation CEO Carl Erik Dalbøge explains:

“E-sports and virtual cycling are growing rapidly in Europe and North America right now, and the market will only increase in years to come. E-sports will allow us to expand our activities to a global audience without being limited by the participants’ physical location. We have therefore decided to move Team Rynkeby’s current activities into cyberspace and establish ourselves as a purely e-sports cycling team,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Focus on sustainable development goals
The switch to digital means, among other things, that Team Rynkeby’s charity cyclists in future will be able to complete the trip to Paris without leaving their own homes.

Cyclists simply assemble their racing bike in a so-called “home trainer” that is connected to the grid, and via a TV screen they can cycle through a computer animated landscape to Paris along with their teammates from around the world.

The graphics may be a bit more fluid out in reality, but otherwise I can only see the advantages in doing the trip this way going forward. Among other things, it will be significantly cheaper and safer for team members to participate. In addition, we reduce our climate impact and our resource consumption, which creates greater responsibility around our project. Overall, the change is entirely in line with the UN’s 17 goals for more sustainable development,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Quadruple the participants
According to Team Rynkeby Foundation’s director, the charity cycling team will quadruple the number of cyclists in connection with the transition from physical cycling teams to e-sports cycling teams.

“Right now, the number of suitable hotels is the biggest barrier to Team Rynkeby’s international expansion. By doing the tour from their own home, we expect to be able to make room for about 8,000 cyclists as soon as 2021 and perhaps double the following year,” he says.

If you would like to participate in Team Rynkeby’s very last physical cycling trip to Paris next summer, applications are now open on Team Rynkeby’s website.


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