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Team Rynkeby cancels this year’s Tour de Paris

Charity cycling team Team Rynkeby has decided to cancel its Tour De Paris this year due to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe.

2,150 cyclists and 550 volunteers from 12 different countries were to have cycled to Paris from 4-11 July 2020 as part of the Team Rynkeby charity cycling team.

But the journey to benefit children with critical illnesses has now been cancelled.

That was unanimously decided by the Team Rynkeby Foundation board at a meeting on Friday afternoon. The decision was made on the basis of continued uncertainty around the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, explained Team Rynkeby Foundation chairman Peter Frank Andersen.

“Our focus has always been on undertaking the Tour de Paris if it were responsible from a health perspective. But the continued uncertainty around the extent of the contagion in Europe means that we no longer feel that it is responsible to attempt to hold the Tour de Paris this summer,” he says, continuing:

“First and foremost, it is about preventing the spread of the disease. But it is also very much about ensuring cyclist safety on the roads. Due to the guidelines from European health authorities, the cyclists cannot get the sufficient training in riding in groups that would allow us to ensure their safety. In addition, we cannot obtain the necessary permits from the authorities to traverse national borders and cycle on the roads to Paris,” says Peter Frank Andersen.

Looking forward to 2021
But the preparations made by Team Rynkeby cyclists are not entirely in vain. All participants will be offered the chance to participate in next year’s Tour de Paris.

“We know that many cyclists will of course be disappointed, but we will try to have some local activities later in the year so that the cyclists have the opportunity to air their yellow jerseys and celebrate all the work that they put into raising money for children with critical illnesses. And we do hope that a great many of our participants will continue their work and look forward to next year’s Tour de Paris,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Despite all of the work the participants have done to raise money for the charity, the coronavirus outbreak will also have serious consequences for Team Rynkeby’s fundraising figures.

“The worst thing about this situation is that we have not been able to raise as much money as we had hoped. Due to the pandemic, we have had to shut down many of our fundraising activities this spring and that means that we will raise much less money than we did in previous years,” he says, adding:

“We are still looking at an amount in the millions of euros, which all participants and sponsors should be very, very proud of in these difficult times,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Team Rynkeby has cycled to Paris every year since 2002 to raise money for children with critical illnesses, and this year’s cancellation will be the first in the history of the project.

Over the years, Team Rynkeby has raised more than EUR 56 million for children with critical illnesses – nearly EUR 11 million last year alone.


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