TR Press UK - 31-03-2020

Team Rynkeby’s cycling clothes have now left Italy

During the last few weeks, the delivery situation out of Italy has been uncertain and whether Team Rynkeby would be able to receive its new yellow cycling clothes from Italy has been an open question. Now there is happy news from Team Rynkeby Foundation’s manufacturer of cycling clothes

Shortly before the weekend, a relieved Peter Konggaard, owner of the cycling sportswear company, Xtreme Team Wear, received the long-awaited message from his Italian partner that the last shipment of Team Rynkeby’s yellow cycling clothes had now been dispatched from Italy and was headed for Denmark.

The work room where Xtreme Team Wear’s cycling clothes are produced for Team Rynkeby is located in the Veneto region which has been completely locked down because of the Corona pandemic.

Five employees have been able to keep the sewing machines in operation assisted by a number of extra employees working from home.

- The Italians have been working day and night lately to get Team Rynkeby’s clothes ready in time and I’m extremely relieved that we’re headed for a happy end. The Italian society, as a whole, is very much influenced by the present situation and when the country was subsequently locked down completely, we experienced great uncertainty, of course, whether we would be able to receive the last deliveries of cycling clothes, says Peter Konggaard.

New black collection

The Xtreme Manager expects the last shipment of clothes to be dispatched from Xtreme direct to the teams in the next few days. So, if everything works out fine, all the clothes will arrive with the participants before the end of the week.

- Many things, are, of course, uncertain these days, but I believe and sincerely hope that the clothes will arrive with the participants before the weekend, says Peter Konggaard.

Whereas there has been some uncertainty as to the yellow jersey, there is none whatsoever about the newly developed ’Ride for Life’ collection, designed by Xtreme for Team Rynkeby Cycling Club, which is Team Rynkeby Foundation’s new cycling network of previous Team Rynkeby cyclists.

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The characteristic design of the ’Ride for Life’collection is more black and less yellow – but the new design has been made to match the yellow Team Rynkeby clothes. This means that both present and past cyclists may comfortably add to their cycling wardrobe by getting this slightly different, but matching design.

No groups on our roads
In a normal year, the delivery of the new yellow cycling clothes would be the ultimate starting signal for Team Rynkeby’s outdoor training, but, alas, this year nothing is as it used to be.

Due to the risk of spreading the coronavirus, COVID-19, Team Rynkeby Foundation has emphasized to its participants that the cyclists must train alone or together in groups of max two up to and including Easter. This means that it will still be some time before we can see the long yellow cycling pelotons snaking their way along the roads, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of the Team Rynkeby Foundation.

- We are following the recommendations of our authorities, and just now, it seems that the cyclists must find a little extra patience before they are allowed back in the big groups. It is our hope, however, that the situation will soon change and we are still confident that we shall be able to undertake our Paris tour, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Team Rynkeby’s original team clothes are on display in Xtreme’s special Team Rynkeby webshop.

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