TR Press UK - 02-11-2021

Here is the design of the Team Rynkeby clothes for the season 2021/2022

A better pair of cycling shorts with newly developed elastic braces and loose leg warmers are a few of the changes that Team Rynkeby riders will get with the clothing package in the spring of 2022.

The design of Team Rynkeby's official team clothing for the upcoming season is now in place and ready to be used for publicity for Team Rynkeby's many sponsors as the 2,246 cyclists hit the roads this spring and show their commitment to fighting for children with critical illnesses.

The design scheme from last season remains the same, whereas the bicycle clothing supplier Xtreme has focused on developing and improving the cycling shorts. In addition, Team Rynkeby introduces for the first time a pair of loose leg warmers.

- The new Team Rynkeby shorts are produced in the same well-known lycra textile, but with new, more elastic braces, which are made of two materials with perforated elastic band at the front and a mesh material in the back that keeps the trousers in place. during use, explains Jørgen HK Jepsen, General Manager for Team Rynkeby Fonden.

In addition, the shorts at the bottom are equipped with a comfortable and wide 65 mm elastic band, which provides better space while keeping the trousers close to the thighs.

- The new trousers are also available with two different trouser insert models, both of which in different ways have a high density and are suitable for long-distance cycling, he says.

The cycling jersey comes in Xtreme's sweat-absorbent and quick-drying Rapid Dry fabric with a full through zipper at the front, three open back pockets and a zipper-closed, moisture-proof back pocket, which is suitable for keys, telephone and the like. The sweater is also equipped with a practical silicone edge at the bottom, which ensures that it stays where it needs to at all times. The design of the jersey is changed with new landmarks on the side and back, and in addition has a dynamic and vibrant background consisting of four yellow tones.

Price and quality must fit
- Some adjustments have been made to the cycling clothing so that we can ensure an even better product for our participants, so that in the coming season they have the right conditions for having a fantastic experience throughout. And here, of course, it is fundamental that the clothes are of good quality, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen says and emphasizes that it is deliberate, that he does not use the word "high" quality.

- There are high-end cycling clothing brands today, but where a cycling jersey or a pair of shorts cost two or three times more than the price we pay. We need a product that can be used by everyone and at an attractive price, he says.

The complete clothing package includes two short-sleeved cycling jerseys, two pairs of cycling shorts, a wind vest, cycling gloves, loose cover sleeves and for the first time a pair of loose cover warmers for the legs.

The clothes will be handed out to the Team Rynkeby riders this spring.


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